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Bankruptcy in Asheboro, North Carolina

The process of going through bankruptcy can seem daunting for those who are considering its pros and cons. Bankruptcy is the legal procedure businesses or people go through when they are unable to repay debts. Once bankruptcy proceedings are complete, those debts are discharged or reorganized by a bankruptcy court. In Asheboro, North Carolina, the process of going through bankruptcy proceedings can be a smooth transition with one of the city’s talented bankruptcy attorneys.

Types of Bankruptcy in Asheboro, North Carolina

There are a few types of bankruptcy that are available in Asheboro, with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 being the most common. Chapter 7 is typically best for those who have no steady stream of income and cannot keep up with a strict payment plan, and also for those who have a lot of exempt property.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is usually best for people who have a lot of nonexempt property and they do not want to lose property, such as cars, real estate, and personal property. It is also recommended for people with a steady stream of income and those who can adhere to a strict payment plan.

It is possible to file for bankruptcy on your own, but it can be risky, and is not recommended. Contact an experienced Asheboro bankruptcy lawyer before making any decisions, and let him or her provide guidance on your best option.

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Living in Asheboro

The city of Asheboro, county seat of Randolph County in North Carolina, has a population of more than 25,000, based on the 2010 census.

With an area totaling 15.4 sq. miles, Asheboro lies on the Piedmont plateau and has a hilly geographical area. The city has many industries to derive income, making it not only a pleasant place to live, but also a great place where you can find a career.

It has top employers that include Randolph Hospital, Klaussner, Teleflex, Walmart, Eveready Battery Company, and Asheboro City Schools. Technimark, Acme-McCrary, South Korean industrial conglomerate Hyosung, and the City of Asheboro are also among the large employers of the city.

Industries of the city include manufacturing, retail, education, farming, and mining. The employment rate in Asheboro is relatively high at 95.5%, with 30.4% employed in the transportation, production, and materials-moving industries. This means there are numerous positions in various fields of expertise that need to be filled.

For families that are thinking of relocating to this city, the largest among Asheboro’s private institutions, Fayetteville Street Christian School, is there to serve. Other schools, including Asheboro City Schools and Randolph County Schools, are also good options.

Places of interest in Asheboro are not limited to only a few destinations. There are places reserved for indoor and outdoor activities, as well as a countless selection of restaurants to satisfy food connoisseurs.

Shoppers can browse freely around Randolph Mall with a huge variety of specialty shops. Sunset Avenue can offer you an exciting shopping experience, with deals you may not expect. Find antique shops and rare collectible items in several stores along the strip.

If you love beer, then, get a taste of the local brew at Four Saints Brewing Company or drop by Lumina Wine & Beer for other options. If you wish to see wildlife at North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, the gates are open for you.

There are age-old farms, factory complexes, hosiery mills, theater, and a pottery site that are listed as historical places in the area that mesmerizes both residents and visitors. You may also find time to visit McCrary Park, where the Asheboro Copperheads play.

For racing car fanatics, Caraway Speedway is the place to go. This oval has been used by famous stock car drivers like Richard Petty, Kyle Petty, and Dale Earnhardt. A topnotch golf course like Tot Hill Farm Golf Club, along with Asheboro Country Club and the Asheboro Municipal Golf Course, can satisfy golf players at all skill levels.

Famous people like NASCAR Busch Series champions Sam Ard and Chuck Brown, philanthropist William Johnston Armfield, and U.S. Olympic team pitcher Scott Bankhead, are natives to Asheboro. You may also have heard of actor and musician Lane Caudell, actress Elizabeth Lail, and novelist Reynolds Price as among those who have resided in the city.

Asheboro is a certified retirement community in North Carolina and an excellent place to retire. With diverse economic industries and a convenient community rolled into one, no one can say no to the beauty of this North Carolina city.

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